Mr. Johnson

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David Johnson awakes from a 50-year coma at the age of 76. He has a very hard time accepting his old body, the fact that he has lost more than half of his life, and the super modern world he now must adjust to. Frustrated and angry, he finally embraces the abrupt loneliness by consolidating his entire life into the one important romantic relationship he left behind, and he tracks down his college years sweetheart, Halina McCarthy. How meaningful life can be even at this late age. How powerful love is. For 50 years in a coma, he saw nothing, all was silent. But now he has a chance to love deeply and meaningfully, by passing the lusts and bashfulness of youth and getting straight to the essence of life. Yet just as he adjusts to this newfound contentment, Halina dies. She is gone. She joins the collection of tombstones that represent the loneliness of his life. The nothingness that he experienced in the 50-year long coma engulfs him once again. The silence in his spirit is deafening, and the pain is beyond control. He has a heart attack. Sarah Wattford is a 22-year-old happy go lucky single student who works part time at an internet cafe. Life seems to emanate freely from her unique and friendly character. Not so surprising then, that when she comes across the helpless and lonely Mr Johnson, she takes pity on him instead of having a good laugh at his expense as the other young people seem to do. She forms a distant yet overshadowing relationship with Mr Johnson and his frustration with the modern world. Sarah, however, becomes some what suspicious of Mr Johnson's relationship with Halina. She secretly decides to investigate. Going through the history on the computer Mr Johnson used when he found Halina, she finds nothing - no messages between Mr Johnson and Halina. Mr Johnson is a fascinating story that explores humanity's frailty in the face of loneliness and despair, and how one creates their own circumstances in preparation to exit life in order to escape solitude. It shows how finding and embracing love can give even the most desperate of beings something worth living for. Mr Johnson's romance with the will to die is found in the character of Halina. This is why the scenes with the two of them seem somewhat detached from reality. What seemed to have confused the mind now starts making sense as we realise that Halina is the compassion of death, comforting her lover, yet constantly leaving him with the choice to live. Her death becomes Mr Johnson's ultimate choice. He essentially created his own circumstances for the heart attack. Extraordinarily, this near death experience brings him to the opposite of the nothingness that he experienced in the 50 years of coma – it brings him everything, in a fleeting moment. And it is Sarah who is holding his hand in the recovery room to whom he relates his findings. What he experienced was the timeless spirit of love overflowing from eternity into his presence, making him likewise into a giver of this most precious commodity. What he plucked out of the air in this experience is the realization that love is deeply embedded in each person, sleeping as if in a coma because it is hardly used. Love is not towards us but from us and it creates its existence in the atmosphere between those who find it. It has nothing to do with the lusts of youth nor what is in store for us, but is a spirit unto itself. Untouchable, unchangeable, and sadly, in most cases left lonely and to exist in solitude.


Directed by William Collinson

Written by William Collinson

Produced by Aimee Dherman
Malebo Manamela