JOHN 316

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1H 43MIN

Availability ended 22/11/2020 EDT
Liar, Lunatic, Lord?
A psychiatric hospital is turned upside down when a mysterious drifter is admitted and assigned to Room 316. Known only as John Doe, the other patients believe that he bears an uncanny resemblance to Jesus Christ. When he starts performing 'miracles', the inmates begin to follow him as his disciples. This causes tension with the hospital administrators who are loathe to admit the patients are actually improving under John's guidance. They set out to expose him, leading to one final miracle that will change all their lives forever.


Directed by Jarvis G

Written by Jarvis G
Brandon Rhiness

Production CompanyProduction Company HOT SHOT FILMS

Produced by Jarvis G
Gilbert Allan
Shaun Donnelly
Jordan Dietz
Brett Lemay

Cast Skylar Radzion
Afton Rentz
Griffin Cork
Reamonn Joshee
Darrell Portz
Jayson Therrien
Tyler Duffy